Numbers matching on 2nd Gen Bronco does exist! Well sort of..


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Aug 19, 2020
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I often read/hear that numbers matching doesn't exist on these old Broncos, and maybe not in the traditional sense.. BUT in my experience if you look around on the right Bronco in the right places, there is some evidence of what is original using the "Rotation Number".

Example: On my 79" the Factory Build sheet it shows "Rotation Number" is 1654
Handwritten numbers on the Bronco:
1654 on pass firewall
1654 on spare tire
54 on inner fenders, radiator core support, fan shroud, backside of headliner, backside of rubber floor mats, and backside of rear side trim panels. (guessing 1654 abbreviated during assembly)

Might be in other places as well but wasn't really looking or keeping track until more recently. Seems the items listed above would be "Numbers Matching" evidence enough for authenticity if they came with the Bronco or not.
Not that it really matters that much on these 2nd gens but still interesting researching and having the info. Always wondered if that was the original spare, and after finding that 1654 on there and a general tire handbook in the glove-box, pretty easy to say... Yep came with the bronco!
Does anyone have a build sheet and these numbers on their 2nd gen to verify if yours follows this pattern?

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Mar 21, 2020
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All good and interesting points. When most people talk "matching numbers" they are referring to frame, body, engine and transmission - which seems to be the most important items to retain originality. That said, I'll have to look for the rotation number on my '78!