Just bought my son an 87 XLT automatic 5.0 need help


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Nov 24, 2020
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Thanks! Yes, I’ll take any suggestions for an honest reliable shop.
I’m ok paying, I don’t have the tools or shop space even if I had the knowledge but I’d prefer not to get taken for a ride lol!
That said we still love the truck! Just a bumpier ride than expected...

paul rondelli

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May 21, 2020
Suwanee, GA, USA
Sorry for your frustration …. but I have a feeling you are just starting down a long road. These Trucks are 25+years old and parts will wear out. When you add the lifted truck that someone must have played off-road with those repairs are coming very soon. If you are planning on paying a mechanic to fix everything that needs replacing…. 10,000 will creep up very soon. Most of us that are trying to save these classic broncos from the crusher are tinkers. It is not the mechanics fault … their time is very valuable … and 75$ per hour is reasonable. Most professional mechanics would like to on-board computer to tell them what needs replacing … complete the repair.. and get paid. The 1987 is an older ride and even when you replace one broken part .. another one might be ready to fail... so the repair will not produce the desired result. For an example …. two weeks ago I had an issue with my hydraulic clutch system. I replaced the master cylinder … but still was getting air into the system. I researched the issue and decided to replace the slave cylinder. That means dropping the transfer and transmission. Not a job for the faint of heart … but with the right tools... doable in the garage by a novice wrench turner. Now comes the decision... this is a 1,000 job all day long. I took my time... and have almost completed the repair. I have spent at least 25 man hours on this repair. This was the first time I did this job and had to learn on the fly. Professionals will complete the repair in less than 8 hours ….but half the fun of Bronco ownership is figuring this kind of stuff out for yourself.

The great thing for the beginner are sites like this and fullsizebronco.com. You can guarantee that whatever issue you have with your Bronco some else in America has had the same problem and 95% of the time they are more than willing to help. Have your son research these sites and read everything that others have already completed..... and pay it forward by posting a write up on how you fixed any issue on your own Bronco. I took a ton of pictures of my clutch replacement and plan to post a write up to help anyone else who is attempting to drop a transmission, replace the entire clutch system, and reinstall .…. all solo without any assistance.

Hate to sound like a BUZZ KILL but when that Bronco breaks down and starts to sit in the driveway for a few months …. taunting you....the love afair ends very quickly