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Nov 2, 2020
Houston, Texas
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I changed my order for a second time today (first I removed the tow package and today I added it back on), and neither time received an email confirmation from Ford. I did, however, receive an updated DORA from my dealer in his reply email confirming that the change was made.
I went in person and did this. I just figured the system was automated to send you an acknowledgement email.
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Jan 22, 2021
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I went to the dealer and changed my color of my BL and then went and did an upgrade to the Mid Package. No emails or changes to the Ford "My order" but he gives my and updated order sheet each time.
I just texted my dealership sales manager Friday to change my order a 2nd time lol...

Down graded engine from 2.7L to 2.3L Manual. No more deadly sins on my order.

I told him this is the last change lol... His response was "No problem brother. We have until March 19th to get everything in, if something else changes just give me a shout. "

Each time he give me a copy of the order Spec to review and sign along with their financial sheet to reflect deposit, any other discounts, and their fees.
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