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  1. BroncoMax

    Bye to all, best of luck, and best wishes to all of you, and you get the Bronco of your dreams.

    I would just like to tell Ford, if they listen,....They lost me. I haven't heard from the dealer the Ford website assigned me when I reserved my Bronco. ( about being able to order) This Ford dealer hasn't contacted me, even after I e-mailed them. I really wonder what is going on with Ford...
  2. BroncoMax

    Why I wish the Base was more basic

    I have a 2018 Challenger SXT, nav, super drag pak? Why I don't know. Ask FCA. I love the way it drives. I hate all the crap that is on it. The Nav is nice thou. I have a 1970 Mercury Montego Mx, formal roof, factory 351 Cleveland 4v, automatic, power steering, power front disc brakes, and...
  3. BroncoMax

    Move reservation if dealer charges over MSRP?

    Well I for one WILL not pay over sticker....Sorry. Thats why I don't have a Wrangler. I love the Bronco but if the Dealers are going to be like Jeep Dealers>>>>>>.I don't play. I will just buy a Tacoma 4x4 and say forget it! Wasn't meant to be.
  4. BroncoMax

    Order guide and B&P: beware of discrepancies

    OMG!!!!!!! OBAMA CARE...all over again?
  5. BroncoMax

    Order guide and B&P: beware of discrepancies

    I'm basing my order on what the Black Diamond comes with. I will be p@@@ed if it is wrong.
  6. BroncoMax

    Winch Order?

    Really? This is really one of the reasons I'm sure I'm going with the Black Diamond!!!
  7. BroncoMax

    My Order has been placed

    Well if the Ford dealer Ford gave me gives me any grief this week, I will just say forget it. That Daytona Ford has advertised below sticker pricing to sell mucho Bronco's. From the way I understand it. Ford dealerships who sell more vehicle models get more allocated to them. So if my small...
  8. BroncoMax

    New White Top Info *Confirmed by Ford*

    This is extactly what I want!!!!! With a white top. This is awesome. This should have been the BASE interior! Standard interior! The first Broncos had WHITE interiors! White tops! Sit a black interior convertible with the top down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get the...
  9. BroncoMax

    Question about reservation/order/acknowledgment timing

    I e-mailed my dealer and i haven't heard back so I'm going over Monday to see what is up. TurkeyRun, did your sales dude ask for a deposit? My notification from Ford told me that they usually want some good faith money. But as I said, I just need to go over there. I don't do Shananigan's as...
  10. BroncoMax

    Is your family excited about your Bronco?

    I was torn about color too. I loved the velocity blue and the antimatter blue. But just me, I guess, with the Bronco having all that black, I decided to go with Oxford white, and go down to the local body shop and get custom graphics made. I want my two girls(dogs) printed in antimatter blue...
  11. BroncoMax

    Is your family excited about your Bronco?

    My family>>>>> a Bichon named Darci, (who loved the beach, until she went blind) and a white Maltese who jumped into my work truck in the Walmart Parking lot in Naples, Florida. (5 years ago) I don't take them much anywhere anymore since I sold the Jeep and have a Challenger. The Montego is...
  12. BroncoMax

    Haven't heard from Dealer?

    Thanx Guys. I will call them, maybe just go over there. I want to check out the Bronco Sport if they have any, anywayz. Just to see one. I am still impressed when the baby Bronco went up Moab! But nothing compares to Bronco. I just love it.
  13. BroncoMax

    Bronco Bumpers Explained

    The new LED fogs are awesome. But where you live makes a difference on how much they are worth. Surprising, to some, but it gets pertty foggy here in SW Florida. I had to use them this morning driving on Palm Beach Blvd. In Ft. Myers going to work.
  14. BroncoMax

    Bronco Heritage Edition Report

    ...add white vinyl seats and that top would be off .....for ever....
  15. BroncoMax

    Haven't heard from Dealer?

    I haven't heard from my dealer FORD choose for me. I live in a sparsely populated area of Lee County, Florida. I will not mention the dealer, I e-mailed this dealer days ago.... still no notification. Should I contact FORD. I think I need to change dealer? Anyone else?
  16. BroncoMax

    Bronco Weekly Q&A for Week of 07 DEC 2020

    Will the Bronco ever get a white interior option and white top? Be nice to have in the DESERT, or in Florida.
  17. BroncoMax

    Staff Builds - The Nation Decides (Black Diamond)

    Yeap with white interiors, or a host of other colors! What happened? Japan? Europe with their crappy ugly black interiors and cheap vinyl interiors of the seventies.? Not all Jap cars were great. I saw plenty of them that were junk. Rust rice baskets. German cars that wouldn't run.....I...
  18. BroncoMax

    Staff Builds - The Nation Decides (Black Diamond)