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  1. BroncoMax

    Bye to all, best of luck, and best wishes to all of you, and you get the Bronco of your dreams.

    I would just like to tell Ford, if they listen,....They lost me. I haven't heard from the dealer the Ford website assigned me when I reserved my Bronco. ( about being able to order) This Ford dealer hasn't contacted me, even after I e-mailed them. I really wonder what is going on with Ford...
  2. BroncoMax

    Haven't heard from Dealer?

    I haven't heard from my dealer FORD choose for me. I live in a sparsely populated area of Lee County, Florida. I will not mention the dealer, I e-mailed this dealer days ago.... still no notification. Should I contact FORD. I think I need to change dealer? Anyone else?
  3. BroncoMax

    After weeks of building...

    I finally "think" I have built MY Bronco. After figuring so many ways. Realizing that I thought it was a Base 2-door stripper Bronco with a v-6 (which auto comes with the 10 speed), Sasquatch package, and a few minor options, it was ruffly 37k-38k. I have priced and looked at all but the...
  4. BroncoMax

    Why Ford?

    Ford why are you making people pay 33k for wanting the 4 cylinder? It should be optional on all models. Shame on you! Same goes for your pricing policy on Bronco. Price gouging is not acceptable. I have stated before you could make these vehicles hits. But you choose not too. Ignore us...
  5. BroncoMax

    White top on Bronco?

    Is Ford is going with the white top on Cactus grey and Oxford white Broncos only. Is this true? Can you find out Bronco Nation? I read earlier this year, they said after all the stink they would offer a white top and white and grey interior... Although a white on white Bronco would be my fav...
  6. BroncoMax

    Frank DeBono clay sculptor of the Bronco original.

    Frank DeBono passed away in July 2020 just before the new launch of the Bronco and Bronco Sport. He worked for Ford as a sculptor for 40 years. He also worked on the original clay model. He fashioned his own tools to create beautiful clay renditions. His granddaughter, Molly Gillies, now...
  7. BroncoMax

    Great news for 2-Door Bronco Fans

    Hello all 2 Door Bronco fans. I e-mailed Softopper, a company that makes soft tops for suvs. A wonderful person Desiree, contacted me from them. I inquired about soft tops for 2 door Broncos. She replied saying that the parent company BESTOP, is working on making the new fabric top for the 2...
  8. BroncoMax

    All white Bronco? Anyone alse?

    I would love a all white Bronco. Top, body, and interior. Anyone else? My dream is that, with washout floors, vinyl seats and locking front and rear axles!!!! Heaven! That is, top off 4x4'in!
  9. BroncoMax

    Ford: How about a Sasquatch pak for Bronco Sport?

    Ford how about about a Bronco Sport with Sasquatch pak. like big brother? Especially a locking axle, at least rear? ( twin clutch rear axle questions) Have a huge Sasquatch decal option on the side too. How could you not like it? That would announce to everybody.....Rav-4, Subaru, Crv, and...
  10. BroncoMax

    Twin clutch rear differential.

    Does anyone have any info on mechanically how this axle operates? Is it a locking, or positrac type axle? I'm just so impressed with the Badlands Bronco Sport, after seeing it at KILL Moab. Just impressive.
  11. BroncoMax

    Ecoboost engines.

    Hello fellow Bronco enthusiasts. Could any of you that have an ecoboost 4 cylinder or V-6 tell us(me) what kinda of experiences your having with your engines, and to those who have the ten speed automatic? I have a 2017 F-150 reg. cab short bed with the 5.0 v-8 with 67, 000 trouble free miles...
  12. BroncoMax

    Who else is tickled Ford Blue, about Ford deciding to give us a white top and white and grey interior!!! I am! Thanx Ford!

    I can't wait Base 2-door is going to look awesome with that white top,(white and grey interior) no matter what color I choose! Hurray!! I'm really getting excited now.
  13. BroncoMax

    Bronco Sport "wranglers", have you heard from Ford? (meaning spank wranglers at Moab)

    I reserved a Big Bronco. Just wandering if ya'll have heard anything from mother company, like thru your e-mail? Nuthin is happening with my e-mail from FOMOCO! Just if ya'll heard something might give us glimmer of hope. Mind you the baby Bronco 2.0 is a beast...It will be my ride if the...
  14. BroncoMax

    Washout floors

    Anyone else wishing that Ford would make this a stand alone option on all models? I would love this in the Base I reserved.
  15. BroncoMax

    Like many of us here.....

    I'm at a delimma. I reserved a base 2-door, v-6, sasquatch. But now after more investigation, you tubin, I find that maybe I should have opted for the BB. Then Long McArthur Ford put out video describing the options and pricing......Gewhiz kiddos. Now I'm thinkin I might need to opt up again...
  16. BroncoMax

    Reserved a Bronco, but...

    After seeing this little Bronco in Moab....I'm rethinking especially with Big Brother pricing....scarey.
  17. BroncoMax

    Locking Differentials

    Seems I'm nag tonight but I'm airing my Wants to Ford(if they even look here) Can we Please have locking front and rear diff's as a stand alone option! What's the big deal? So you have to buy the Sasquatch? Disappointing. At 5K!
  18. BroncoMax


    Bronco Nation, please give me that Member number! It's great! Just being selfish here.
  19. BroncoMax

    Long McArthur Ford posted on youtube pricing on the different models and pricing with options. I'm so confused now......

    Could it be cheaper to buy a Big Bend, Black Diamond, or for that matter a WILDTRAK! GEES! Anyone else? I reserved a base 2-door v-6 Sasquatch.
  20. BroncoMax

    Bureau of Land Management: reality starts here

    Hello Bronco fans. Just a reminder for Bronco and Bronco Sport fans that this department is chock full of fun escapes and adventures for those who want to Boon, or just have some fun. Check it out. I'm sure a lot of the experienced Bronconians know this. Just be aware that most all of these...