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  1. The Bronze

    Super Celebration West

    This is what is great about the mountains! It’s going to be a great time here in Buena Vista. Tire chains are in the rig, might need them tonight!Bronco
  2. The Bronze


    The watermarks are nice, but are way too intrusive. Large and in the center? No thanks. They distract from the cool photos That are posted.
  3. The Bronze

    Dash can go back together!

    Just received my new defroster ducts. Tomorrow I can put the dash back up and finish the wiring.
  4. The Bronze

    Hard top quest is over.

    Found a solid top within reasonable driving distance. Seller waited up for me to make the 5 hour drive and showed up at his door at midnight. Got home at 5:30am and off to work on the race cars by 9.
  5. The Bronze

    Wrangler lettering coming off Bronco tires

    I would have them do the same thing!
  6. The Bronze

    Got this in my bay today!

  7. The Bronze

    Vinyl flooring

    Whenever I see this picture, it reminds me to get the vinyl flooring!
  8. The Bronze

    Who is going bigger? (37s vs 35s)

    I like the look of the 2" lift and 37s. I wheel a bunch. Who else is contemplating upgrading immediately?
  9. The Bronze

    From the wheeling Mecca that is Colorado.

    Hi guys. Signed up a couple weeks ago, but just got around to posting up tonight with all the excitement of the NB launch. I have had 4-5 Broncos, a ton of mustangs, a 2013 SHO and am currently working on finishing my 67 EB build and my 93 turbo notch build. Can’t wait to do some tuning on the...