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    Bronco signature light Blinkers/Hazards

    Oh, so the rear signals are actually amber?? Sweet
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    Modular Hard Top "Late Availability Option" for FE and Wildtrak

    I don't want the painted top for the colour, I want it for the modular features. And I'll wait for as long as it'll take.
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    Holding Off On Ordering My Bronco

    Is it just me, or is sleeping in the back of your Bronco with the liftgate up (and slide bench out) kinda defeating the purpose of sleeping in your bronco?? Lol
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    Poll Week - Tops

    Looking at this poll, I may not have to wait for the mod top at all!
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    2 door cargo size

    Ford's compressor fridge fits in there.... Sideways There's a topless pic out there that shows it.
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    Front Camera View with Factory Warn Winch

    You're not getting rails if there is a bit of work putting them on or taking them off??
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    Bronco Top Availability Update

    So does this mean we ALL have to wait to get the mod top, even if it's not WT or FE??
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    Roof Rack - Deep Dive

    Are you guys talking about the crossbars or the roof rails or carrier basket? "rack" is a pretty loose term....
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    Canadian Broncos!

    Yup, Kitchener Ontario here! Badlands 2 door reserved.
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    Marine Grade Vinyl vs. Leather Seats

    I had a Kawasaki sportbike years ago that had a funky, vinyl seat cover. This looks like the same stuff. You're gonna love it! And orange stitching? Hell yeah
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    Sasquatch Package - Must Have

    Badsquatch here as well... Still going Cyber Orange, now that I've seen the black marine vinyl with orange contrast stitching!
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    Super Cel W - Attendee Impression of the 2021 Bronco

    2 door modular top DOES have removable glass... Yes!!!
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    Can we get confirmation if the 2 door modular top has removable windows? Heard both yes and no from reps
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    Is Black Modular Roof worth it for 2-door? $1,900 (Already comes with hard top and you can’t remove window like in 4-door..

    Then there is the rear glass, which is removable on the 4 door modular top... Conflicting info on the 2 door thus far. Personally, I'd rather not have a painted top to help avoid "pinstripes" in the bush.
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    Super Cel W - Attendee Impression of the 2021 Bronco

    But later, at the CelWest event, it was stated they won't be removable. Saying that they "definitely" will be is a little optimistic I think.
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    Super Cel W - Attendee Impression of the 2021 Bronco

    I can not believe the 2 door modular top will not have removable windows :( C'mon Ford! What are you thinking!?
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    Roof top tent???

    I wouldn't be overly concerned about the 110lbs "limit"... I'd rather have one 100 lbs or less just for ease of mounting /unmounting
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    Roof top tent???

    Found the one pic... And it's the only one I've ever seen of this slot... Maybe this is a pic with the mount in place but with the rails removed...?
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    Roof top tent???

    I know I saw a pic (or rendering) where you could see a narrow slot on the rear roof where a clamp bracket could be mounted... And I've seen above pics where you can see a couple of anchor nuts on each sport bar (roof removed) in the same area. How you're s'pose to mount it there with a...
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    Overlanding with the 2-door?

    Yeah... Seen 'em. But I'll need something under 100lbs unless I'm gonna be calling up friends to help mount and unmount it whenever it needs it! Lol