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  1. The Bronze

    Compressor placement

    I run a portable bait 450P. Works pretty fast and I can take it with me in the truck. Can, motorhome, car at the track..... bolting one down would make me have to buy more even more of them. I already have a car and HAM radio habit!
  2. The Bronze

    How many of the Deadly Six is in your build?

    Ordered an FE. I don't think 2.7, SAS, Lux will hold it up. I did order the new black leather interior, so that will probably push me back a bit. Also kept the MIC top, as I can't stand the mis-match of blacks on the exterior. I am going to swap the grille and mirrors to make it all blend better.
  3. The Bronze

    US West Bronco Super Celebration West

    I should probably reserve a spot. The last one was a fair drive; this year I want to get closer. Hopefully have a Motorhome and 2 Broncos there!
  4. The Bronze

    Black Bear Pass, CO – Bronco Territory?

    True, but I have CB and FMRS for those that haven’t taken the plunge!
  5. The Bronze

    Black Bear Pass, CO – Bronco Territory?

    My Samurai (with a 1.6L swap) REALLY struggles at 13k’. Up to 11k or so it’s fine. But the top of the passes are low range, low gear for me!
  6. The Bronze

    Black Bear Pass, CO – Bronco Territory?

    Don’t forget about the September Bronco Super Celebration in Buena Vista (for those early reservation holders)!
  7. The Bronze

    Black Bear Pass, CO – Bronco Territory?

    There are plenty of us who are experienced wheelers and can get you over the obstacles you will encounter! Once we start seeing Broncos being delivered, we should start making plans!
  8. The Bronze

    First Edition Navy Pier Petition

    Thanks to all of you that sign the petition, voiced your concern online and at the events. A huge win! Badlands is looking far less likely these days!
  9. The Bronze

    US West Bronco Super Celebration West

    I snuck in there with my Samurai this last September, as I helped run the comms and trail boss some trails. My 67 will be ready, and hopefully my first day reservation for a FE (maybe a BL though) will allow me to have both of mine on the trails. I am game for a Road-Trip to other trails for...
  10. The Bronze

    Black Bear Pass, CO – Bronco Territory?

    I just ran Black Bear this summer. A great trip. Anytime there is a slope of any concern, I drop a rock behind/in front of a tire to prevent any issues. Around CO, a rock is easy to find, or carry a wheel chock. Mine end up hidden behind all my gear, but after seeing that video some time ago...
  11. The Bronze

    Do you drive a classic Bronco in all 4 seasons?

    Drove my previous gen 1s and 3s year round (Alaska). Finishing up my current 67 with heated seats, upgraded heater, dyno mat, insulation throughout, and 4R70W to HEO make it a more comfortable daily driver.
  12. The Bronze

    Low RPMs

    I couldn’t follow your post. Low RPMs, sometimes it starts? Sometimes it goes to high rpms and then lowers to 3000 to 4000 RPMs? Then offs? Maybe you mean sometimes when you start it, the engine go up to a higher rpm, and then will drop to a low engine speed like 300-400 RPMs and sometimes...
  13. The Bronze

    Poll Week - Trims

    Votes for FE, but really might watch to badlands for the interior and exterior color choices. Plus, FE was originally a washout floor option during the first few weeks of the reservations being open.
  14. The Bronze

    Who’s got the oldest Bronco?

    He beat me. Mine is a 67.... :)
  15. The Bronze

    Will you lift your Bronco.... and how much?

    Same as above. About 2 more inches above Sasquatch and a set of 37s!
  16. The Bronze

    Storm Intercept Concept Vehicle Using the Bronco Sport

    I run a pair of ham radios on my other rigs, so one goes up on the front fender near the driver's mirror and the other goes on the back. The plastic top isn't going to help the signal, so mine will likely go on the spare tire mount to help keep the 6' separation between antennas.
  17. The Bronze


    It seems Ford has re-wrote the FE specs, taking away the rubberized floor and the sway bar disconnects. Can someone verify that with a representative? The color choice and interior color was just about enough to make me swap models, but losing the badlands suspension and floor will likely be a...
  18. The Bronze

    Stabilizer Bar disconnection?

    FE gets the rubber floor and Sway bar disconnects of the Badlands.
  19. The Bronze

    Stabilizer Bar disconnection?

    I have seen "SAND" mode give more aggressive throttle inputs and allow more slippage than sport mode in factory tune files (NOT BRONCO) to better traverse sand. If that holds true then that mode will probably be more fun than sport mode. I don't get sport on my FE, but am not feeling I am...