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By Allan Dunlap:

One of the most appealing factors of the all-new Bronco family is the amount of design detail focused on the lifestyle of the customer. This level of detail really stands out in the various models Ford is offering for each vehicle in the family. Each package offers specific capabilities that add a feeling of personalization for the buyer.

While we all eagerly await the configurator to customize your 2 and 4-door model, Ford.com is already offering the ability to build your model for the Sport. As I wrote last week, I am very excited about what the Sport has to offer so I took some time this week to take advantage of all the options Ford is offering and customize the package that is right for me.

For my model of choice, I really like Outer Banks. I live in the city, so while I am drawn to the rugged appeal and capability that Bronco brings, I also like some refined touches in my vehicle, and the Outer Banks model offers exactly that. It is perfectly outfitted with the capability I need for adventure, while still offering distinguished details for a night out on the town.

Orange has always been my favorite color, so I am disappointed that Cyber Orange was not offered for Outer Banks. With orange not being an option, Oxford White is my choice here, and it looks especially sharp with the black roof. I live in Michigan, which means lots of snow in the winter and lots of pollen in the late spring and early summer, so I prefer a lighter color that does not show too much dust and dirt. Oxford White also reminds me of Wimbledon White, one of the especially cool original early Bronco colors.

For my exterior options, the most important to me is roof-rail crossbars. I enjoy kayaking so I would like to have this option, and it will also be great for extra storage when the rear cargo area is occupied by the bikes my friends and I are taking downtown for a day of urban exploration. I will also take the engine block heater for the long, cold Michigan winters. I am going to pass on the splash guards since I do not expect to be doing much intense off-roading (I might consider it for the future because you never know…).

For seating, I am definitely sticking with the Ebony/Brown leather-trim that comes standard. These really epitomize the refined touches that make the Outer Banks model stand out to me. The cargo mat is another interior detail that really got my attention when I first saw the Sport. That layer of protection in the cargo area for snowy boots, muddy cooler bottoms, or wet kayak paddles is great to have, along with the protection from the front and rear floor liners, which I am also including. Lastly, the cargo management system with the shelf/divider/table feature is a must-have for me. I will feel like the coolest kid on the block when I pull that out and kick on the liftgate floodlights to relax by the lake or river with friends as we watch the sun go down.

The attachable tent is a feature that really impresses me about the Bronco Sport, and it is a feature I want to see myself using, but I am not sure I am at that level of go-anywhere rugged just yet. Ford is suggesting that the Sport is a vehicle that will make even a novice user feel more capable and equipped, so if that holds true, I could see myself having this feature in the near future.

Adding all of these options to a vehicle that already comes standard with 4×4 capability, Terrain Management System with G.O.A.T. Modes, a safari style roof, and interior touches like a heated, leather wrapped steering wheel and a SYNC 3 display (SYNC technology is one of my favorite Ford features and another great example of their human-centered design approach) goes to show how much work went into understanding the customers for this vehicle. With the Outer Banks model, Ford is offering a vehicle that equips the users for any escapade, whether on the trails or the city streets, and does it in style.

Which model fits your lifestyle best, and which features are must-haves for you? Are there any accessories that you wish Ford would make available for the Bronco Sport? Share in the forum how you are customizing your Sport to make it uniquely yours!


  1. One of the exciting things about the relaunch of the Bronco is the amount of promised customization and accessories beyond what the initial offering is. Not only will we be able to build something uniquely ours from the factory or get one that we like from a dealer, but then we will be able to make it “ours” and add the elements that are important to us.

  2. I have a reservation for a first generation 2021 Bronco Sport. Are there any 2021 Broncos in New England area so I can test drive one?

  3. Why not get the Badlands with the Badlands package so you can get the orange with all the city comfort features? Serious Q…. as I am getting the Sport BL because I want the orange. There are a few things that won’t be available to me that I may have to do aftermarket based on what I know now (like the moonroof)


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