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CONFIRMED: Cactus Gray Color Change on Build and Price

CONFIRMED: Cactus Gray Color Change on Build and Price


After much speculation, it looks as though the 2021 Ford Bronco Cactus Gray color has definitely been changed in the Bronco configurator. Ford updated the B&P to ensure the Cactus Gray color is more accurately represented on your screen. This change was confirmed by Ford North American Product Communications Manager, Mike Levine, who posted about the configurator update on Twitter: “Cactus Gray color in Bronco configurator has been updated. Less blue. More accurate. New shade on left. Previous on right.”

He attached multiple images, including a side-by-side comparison, to show the obvious difference between the two. The new color definitely has more of gray appearance, while the previous shade had more of a blue/green hue. Choosing the exterior color is a huge part of ordering your perfect Bronco, so we wanted to make sure you knew the latest about this change.

Members of Bronco Nation are discussing this change in the forum and how it may impact their order. Some members have suggested visiting a dealership to possibly check out a 2021 Ranger or Bronco Sport in the Cactus Gray to see the color up close. Have you seen the Cactus Gray? What do you think? Tell us your thoughts or share any feedback with the Nation here.


Additional source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/ford-bronco-color-cactus-gray-has-been-changed-in-configurator/ar-BB1dzrbS#image=1


  1. I find that the updated color on the B&P does not accurately reflect what Cactus Gray looks like up close and personal. I recommend looking at the Bronco Sport and Ranger in that same color. I find there is more blue hue, especially in the light. In the shade, there is more of a gray hue but not to the point where it looks as depicted on the B&P, still has some of the blue hue. Again, best to go see it on another Ford vehicle. I really like the color and am sticking with my original order 🙂


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