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In years past, Ford Motor Company has shown its dominance in the realm of economical, everyday cars, as well as in the world of cutting-edge performance machines. The all-new Ford Bronco Sport serves as a bridge between these two seemingly disparate worlds. The Bronco Sport does this effectively by combining the adaptability of the Escape platform with the battle-tested performance elements of the Bronco, making a completely unique and versatile addition to the Ford SUV family.

As a sibling of Escape, the new Bronco Sport brings some of the best elements of the Escape platform with it including selectable drive modes for use on various terrains. The Escape comes with Normal, Eco, Sport, and Slippery settings. The base model of the Bronco Sport includes all of these, but adds a Sand setting as well. The Badlands and First edition take it even further, adding a Mud/Rut and Rock Crawl modes.

Escape and Bronco also share much of the same interior technology. Both vehicles come with a state-of-the-art B&O 10-Speaker system, as well as an available 8-inch display screen.

The area in which Bronco Sport diverts most from other front wheel drive models is its outdoor/recreational and off-road features. These features enable weekend adventures with a roll-out table in the cargo area and a standard roof rack capable of handling a roof-mounted tents or simply adding extra storage.

One of the most important features that separates Bronco Sport from the Escape is the addition of a host of new storage features, including a diverse system which will fulfill any storage needs you may have. Storage area in the interior includes a rear compartment big enough to store two bikes upright avoiding those painful and noisy bike racks. Each Bronco Sport also comes with hidden stowage compartments under the backseats for any valuables you don’t want to bring along as you head out on your urban or outdoor adventure.

For those of you with a box of MOLLE Straps bouncing around in your Subaru, Ford has devised a solution just for you with handy homes fastened to the back of the driver and front passenger seat. These zip up stowage and clever solutions can accommodate a wide range of stowage needs from a water bottle to climbing gear. Or, your kids’ iPad.

The Bronco Sport has a place for everything and will get you to most any trailhead with comfort and ease.


  1. I love those wheels and tires. I wish Ford would have put the ecoboost 2.3 in this little Bronco and locking front axle to with the rear lock. BTW they also need to further explain that locking rear axle.


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