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2021 Ford Bronco ARB Build Walk-Around


By @Laura #1976

In this video, Bronco Nation gets another look at the 2021 Velocity Blue 4-door Bronco Badlands with Sasquatch built by 4X4 accessories and equipment company ARB. Matt and Ryan, ARB technician, go over what has been added to the vehicle.

To begin, ARB rock sliders with jack points are frame-mounted to the sides. The front bumper is also frame-mounted, with an integrated light bar and recovery points. A standard winch bar will be offered. The company worked closely with Ford for the bumper’s design, making sure it would be airbag compliant and work with the parking sensors.

Sticking to protection, the rear bumper also features jack and recovery points, and it works with the sensors as well as factory hitch and tire carrier, clearing up to 37” tires.

Under the hood is the ARB twin compressor, mounted under the ECU in factory holes. The compressor (and the fridge) can be controlled by the ARB LINX accessory interface.

The cargo space of the Bronco is filled with additional accessories: the aforementioned fridge, jack, rolling drawer with sliding top, and inflation case.

Underneath, an ARB rear differential cover has been used. Since the vehicle has the Sasquatch package, it uses the factory lockers and suspension system. However, ARB will have front and rear lockers, a full suspension system, BP-51 shock absorbers and Nitrocharger shocks, spring options, as well as roof racks ready to go upon the Bronco’s release.

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